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We listen first to understand and then help you navigate the path to the best living & care options for you.

Finding the right community

Types of Senior Living Communities

The first step is determining what level of community is going to best fit your needs. Detailed below is a brief description of what each level offers. Services may vary depending on the community.  Once we determine the level of care needed, then we can narrow down options based on financial and geographical needs.  Click on each to discover more.

Independent Living

Independent Living Communities are ideal for those living independently but desire socialization, a safer living environment,  easy access to dining, entertainment, transportation and more.  Apartment amenities could include a full kitchen, washer and dryer and balcony or outdoor space. Some communities offer an easy transition to assisted living, if and when needed, often without even having to move apartments!

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities offer a safe living environment ideal for those needing assistance with their activities of daily living. This could include help with: showering or bathing, grooming, medication management, use of toilet, cueing, reminders, escorts and more.  Most assisted living communities also provide 3 meals per day, laundry, housekeeping, and 24/7 staff available to assist at anytime. 

Memory Care

Assisted Living Memory Care Communities offer the same services as assisted living with a more specialized living program for those living with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.  The daily activities offered are tailored to varying levels of cognitive ability. Memory Care communities also offer an extra layer of safety by providing a secured environment. 

Narrowing down options

Narrowing down your specific needs and desires

All communities offer basic amenities, but what is important to you? During the discovery process with Senior Living Navigation, we will uncover what amenities will best meet your needs and desires!


Senior Living Navigation has firsthand knowledge of the majority of the communities in the Denver area as we have visited  most of them. We also keep up to date on the current culture of the communities  including any management changes, current survey information, ownership changes, and staff turnover.

Presenting Options

After careful consideration of your clinical needs, desired amenities, financial and geographical parameters, we will present communities for you to visit. When able and it is appropriate, we will accompany you on your visits. We will then have a post-visit debrief and discuss the pros and cons of each community, thereby helping you make the best choice possible!

Transition Support

This is a big step!

Moving out of the home you have lived in for many years is hard. But, your health and well-being are everyone’s first priority. Our goal is to reduce the stress for you and your family so that everyone can be excited about your future!

How do we choose what to move?

Senior Living Navigation has several trusted moving partners that we can refer to you.  Services offered include new floor plan design and furniture layout, packing, sorting (what to take, sell, discard, recycle), unpacking,  recreate a familiar surrounding, hang pictures, set up your kitchen and more.

Senior Living Navigation can offer expert advice on the best way to acclimate to your new environment. We will also support your children and/or spouse in adjusting to your new way of life.   We offer continued support with follow up calls to you and your family as well as visiting you in your new home.

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