Frequently Asked Questions
About Senior Living

Frequently Asked Questions
About Senior Living

Frequently Asked Questions
About Senior Living

Question 1: My Mom made me promise to never put her in a "home", but she is not safe living alone, what do I do?

Answer: When our parents think of Senior Living, they are most likely conjuring up images from the “nursing home” they put their parents in years ago. So much has changed! Many communities provide resort style living designed to please even the most discerning seniors and their families.  Getting your Mom or Dad to visit a community is the first step.  Also, having Senior Living Navigation involved offers a third party view of the situation with recommendations that seniors often accept more readily.

Question 2: How do I know when it is time?

Answer:  There is no easy answer to this question as every situation is different, but here are some things to look for to help determine when it is time.

  • Frequent falls due to health hazards at home: stairs, yard, bathtub/shower
  • Inconsistent medication management
  • Depression due to loneliness
  • Poor nutrition
  • Messy living conditions
  • Declining medical or cognitive condition
  • Inability to manage finances
Question 3: How do I start the conversation?

Answer: Ideally, the time to start the conversation is before you need to have the conversation! Have everyone get used to the idea so when the time comes, it is not a shock.  Once I know a bit more about your particular situation, I can offer more pertinent advice, but this is how I started with my parents:

“We need to talk about “what-ifs” in the future. Mom, if something happens to Dad, what do you want? Where would you like to live?  And Dad, what would you want to do if something happened to Mom?”  Both agreed they would not stay in the house alone and now we have a plan in place for both!  

Question 4: How can you offer your service free to seniors and their families?

Answer: We are so pleased that we can offer this service free to families!   We can offer this because in most cases, SLN is paid a referral fee from the community you choose to call home. 

Question 5: Can you help with other Senior Services?

Answer:  We can offer trusted referrals to services you might need before, during and after your move to a Senior Living Community including: home care assistance, home safety adaptation, movers, move-coordinators, downsizing experts, estate sales, realtors, and more!  Just let us know what you need.

Question 6: How do you keep my personal information safe?
Answer: With your consent, we will need to share personal health information with the communities we recommend in order to find the best option to fit your unique needs. But please know, SLN and the communities we refer to are compliant with HIPPA regulations and we all take your privacy very seriously.

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